The Management of the Competitiveness of the Printing Industry Enterprise Potential
(original language – Ukrainian)

This research paper analyses the competitiveness of the printing industry enterprise potential and formed recommendations for its improvement. On the basis of strategic analysis to assess the competitiveness of the enterprise potential identified the main reasons for the low level of competitiveness of products and businesses in general and the necessity of its improving. Proposed the main ways to increase the competitiveness of enterprise and products. Identified the possibility of reducing the cost of production due to the introduction of new technologies, efficient use of production areas and successful marketing activities. The main result of implementing the proposed measures will be raising the level of competitiveness of individual enterprise.

Key words: competition, competitiveness, potential, strategic analysis, reserve, management.

Placed in №4, 2015.

Affiliations: OLEKSANDRA I. KARINTSEVA, C.Sc. (Economics), Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Business-Administration, Sumy State University;
DAR’YA A. LUTENKO, Student of Faculty of Economics and Management, Sumy State University.

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