Impact-integrated Approach to Environmental and Economic Damage Assessment in the Areas of Oil Extraction
(original language – Ukrainian)

The article reveals peculiarities of ecological and economic analysis of the process of oil production, as one of the most important components energy component of economic development. The development of modern energy is the basis for enhancing the social and economic living standards of the population and competitiveness, which depends on economically sound and safer production processes, distribution and use of energy products. It was highlighted the critical factors that pose a threat to the environment and energy security of the country as an example of local development, set oil production a negative impact on the natural territorial complex and set sequence of growth the negative impact on the environment of the region taking into account the economic damage caused by pollution of the local territory. It was justify the use of impact-integrated techniques of ecological and economic assessment of the impact of the effects of oil production on the environment and public health in the field of direct production and transportation of oil.

Key words: oil, oil complex, impact-integrated assessment, ecological and economic damage, environmental losses, environment.

Placed in №3, 2016.

Affiliations: ОLGA M. GRAMMA, Applicant Department of Economics and Business-Administration,
Sumy State University;
YELIZAVETA I. SHKARUPA, Student Faculty of Electronics and Informational Technologies, Sumy State University

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